Love & Compassion from a Buddhist perception

January 17th, 2014

At Feeling The Healing, we try and share that the path to understanding ones self and others, goes through the heart. It is an emotional journey and at the core of it, you will find the compassionate person you are. You will find it as, the middle point that you are, with it you will find sustainable balance and joy!

When we stop judging and allow ourselves and others to just be as we are, we learn to forgive and let-go of old fears and beliefs. These hold us back from reaching our highest potential of how fulfilling  our lives  can feel for us. When we are finally able to look at ourselves and see who is really there, without any preconception, it dawns on us, that the organic ‘glue’ that connects all the pieces that we are in life,  is compassion.

It teaches us how to be loving and gentle  towards ourselves and others. Compassion creates and sustains a balanced heart, gradually it transforms emotional suppleness to physical suppleness, promoting well-being and strengthening the immune system.

With love to all our friends,

Jo and Amir

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