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About Spiraling Yoga:

Spiraling Yoga is a unique system of exercise. It is a special Yoga set, designed to connect you to the internal aspect of the physical body. The aim is to heal the body and have it transform into a unified organism. Spiraling Yoga exercises are based on the activation and manipulations of the Myofascial meridians in the body. The Myofascial meridians are also known as connective-tissues, they exist throughout the whole body, covering it from head to toe. It is these meridians or pathways, which are the true governor of movement in the body. Thus, as we spend more time reawakening these pathways, we re-balance and realign the whole body. We also raise subtle awareness inside the body and learn to truly master being centered and balance.

It is evident that we all begin life in a supple way, whereby movement simply is! Even before muscles have ripened and matured into full capacity. Movement in the body begins in those Myofascial pathways before anything else. Ideally as we grow older, we never lose touch with those pathways, just like animals do. But, the truth is that most people by their early teens, lose most of their Myofascial connections. For most people as they get older they get stiffer and more stress. It is the stiffness and stress that eventually kills us. The Myofascial meridians are scientifically proven to be 13 times stronger than muscles by themselves. Therefore learning to reignite these powerful connections in the body result in a complete transformation of the physical reality. Making the body a lot stronger and more energy efficient.

Spiraling Yoga recognizes the important of correct body work and the usage of intent as part of the Yoga exercise. Spiraling Yoga is the very latest development of deep bodywork exercise. It is the fusion of Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Internal Power. Spiraling Yoga is based on the realigning of the body and mind. In Spiraling Yoga you will find 3 part: opening set, main set and closing set. Each set has three types of complementing exercises – Tai chi/Chi gong, followed by Yoga, followed by breathing exercise.  Spiraling Yoga is divided to three levels: Beginners – intermediate – advanced.

At the beginning level, you will learn the basic shape of the exercises. At the intermediate level, you will learn how to connect the basic shape of the exercise, to the Myofascial meridians. You will begin to make more internal sense, of the external movement. We can say; It is the beginning of internal-coherency in the body. At the advance level, you will learn to fully activate all of the Myofascial meridians in your body. You will learn all about the centre-point (Dan-Tian) of the body and how to control and balance it in motion.

Class times: Monday 13.00 – 14.00, Thursday 08.00 – 09.00, Sunday 15.00 – 16.15

Cost: £15 for a drop-in, £13.5 when you buy 10 classes.


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