Meditation Classes Golders Green

Meditation Classes

For many people today, life has become busier, faster and more stressful.

Meditation is a way into being present, more consciously aware and relaxed. It is an organic and easy to learn system, which acts as a counter-weight to life’s stress. It is an ancient art of self-awareness and light. Meditation is scientifically proven to be beneficial for reducing stress and relaxing the body and the mind.

In this class we will learn Za-Zen seated meditation. We will explore the Zen approach to life and the ‘right perception’ or mind-set required for seated meditation.

Meditation helps with understanding the ‘being’ part of the ‘Human-being’. It is probably the most direct way to experience yourself beyond thoughts and words.

About the teacher

Amir Greenstein has completed 2 Vipassana courses (11 day retreats) and has studied Zen Buddhism as part of Body-Psychotherapy and Tai Chi practice. He has 15 years of regular practice.


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