Holistic Personal Training For The Office Team.

We invite you to try out our new “office-team” Holistic Exercise Programme.
The programme is designed to:  release work related stress and tension from body and mind; tone muscles; improve fitness and burn calories. It also offers the opportunity to learn to understand correct body movement and thus improve posture and core stability.
The personalized fitness programme is a combination of Tai Chi and yoga together with Kickboxing, circuit training and core stability training. At the end of each session, we will also include a 5-10 minute meditation, to balance the body and calm the mind.
As a working team of colleagues, you can expect to become fitter and more connected to your bodies, which will result in a happier, calmer and more productive work force. You will have a chance to release the stress of the week and work on posture, strength, stability and alignment. It is also scientifically proven that regular mindful exercise increases vitality and creativity, whilst strengthening the immune system.Feeling The Healing is a beautiful high-end fitness studio, catering specifically to small groups, thus ensuring a high level of teaching and support during training. We welcome men and women of all ages and abilities and endeavor to ensure you feel supported and comfortable.
We offer training for classes of 4-6 people, once or twice a week.
We are currently running a special promotional 30% discounted rate:

60 minutes class – price per person £25.00 – discount 30% £17.50
75 minutes class – price per person £30.00 – discount 30% £21.00
90 minutes class – price per person £35.00 – discount 30% £24.50

The idea is to give the staff tools to bring more balance, fitness and mindfulness into their lives, i.e. their body, mind and daily rutting. In doing so, they will become stronger and more focused, as well as become less likely to go on a “sickie”, or spiral downhill emotionally. It is a person’s well-being that allows them to reach their highest potential. The programme is designed to exercise the body correctly and focus the mind through intent. These sessions will help the balance between the body and mind, the heart and the head, left and right, me and another…

At ‘feeling the healing – fitness for life’ we believe that a fitter and more balanced employee, is a better functioning and more reliable employee. Thus, by investing in your workers well-being, you are also investing in the productivity and reliability of your workforce. We hope that you would see it as a win-win situation that helps to increase the general value of the workplace (alongside bonuses and good salaries). It is also a tool that helps with bonding among staff and brakes the rutting a little.

Please feel free to call or email me regarding any questions you might have,

Classes can be held during lunch break, before or after work. For more information and for any questions, or if you wish to book your staff in for a free trail session. please feel free to contact us by phone or email – 07984 543 052 – info@feelingthehealing.co.uk