Biorgonomy treatment at feeling the healing:

We are delighted to invite you to enhance your life through the Biorgonomy treatment.

When you’re trying to create positive change, or balance in your life. Despite the ongoing effort, it sometime feels partial, incomplete and difficult. According to Biorgonomy, there is a good reason for that ‘barrier’.  For everything that is physical is also energetic, i.e. everything that is physical, has an energy field surrounding it. And it’s the energy field that hold the ‘keys’ for the desired shift and change. By fixing/balancing the energy field of the body, the path is paved for the physical change in reality/life. For every atom has an energy field surrounding it and everything that exist is mad out of atoms. ‘Together they stand’ (the atoms) waiting for the right influence – Intent and ‘energy balancing’ work.

In Biorgonomy we clear the energetic disturbances, traumas and fears from the energy field. In doing so, we balance the energy field also known as – Aura. By balancing the energy field, we set the ‘wheel of healing’ in motion. The balanced energy field, enables the physical body to heal itself. We can’t force healing on anything or anyone. But, by clearing blockages in the energy field, it’s just a matter of time before the physical reality changes and re-balances itself.

Often, physical problems tend to either linger around for a while, or reoccur again in a later future time. Why?

According to Biorgonomy, the issue will stay in one form or another until the energetic cause is removed.

We invite you to receive a Biorgonomy treatment that will enhance your life, through the re-balancing of your energy body.  Bringing the potential of a long lasting healing, happiness and fulfillment to your life.


First treatment – £80 / special offer – £56

Follow-up sessions – £40 / special offer – £28

Special promotional offer of 30% discount until the end of 2014.