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  • Holistic Personal Training Golders Green

    Amir creates individually tailored personal training programmes designed to meet your needs and requirements.

    More than just regular exercise, this amazing new practice combines aerobic exercise, calorie burning and muscle toning with Holistic Exercise Therapy, Meditation, Self-Defence and a deeper understanding of the body’s mechanics. Holistic personal training is suitable for all ages and abilities.

    It offers everything you need to sustain your health and fitness, as well as learning to maintain balance and flow. The sessions are personally tailored to the request and needs of the individual and can be very different from one person to the next.

    The programme offers the opportunity to:

    • Tone and strengthen your body from the core
    • Improve posture
    • Gain more power, strength and energy
    • Become supple and flexible
    • Feel more relaxed
    • Strengthen your immune system
    • Burn calories
    • Release tension and pressure from the body
    • Achieve a healthy and fit body
    • Balance body and mind
    • Become more self aware and spiritually minded

    A 75 or 90 minute session, will include a combination of any of the following, depending on a client's needs: 

    • Tai Chi warm up exercises
    • Kettle-bell & free weight workout
    • TRX core training
    • Kickboxing
    • Holistic Exercise Therapy
    • Self-defence
    • Stretching
    • Meditation
    • Discussion relating to body and mind balancing



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  • Tai Chi Classes Golders GreenTai Chi Goolders Green

    Tai Chi Classes Golders Green

    Tai Chi Chuan is often looked at as an, 'old person's form of exercise,' slow and boring. However today, a younger generation is beginning to see the wonderful rewards and medical benefits that a regular practice of Tai Chi can bring and sustain in their lives.

    Tai Chi Chuan is a practice designed to create harmony and natural flow in the body and mind. It strengthens the core and improves the posture. It improves coordination and helps the body to correctly realign itself and stay balanced. Therefore, a regular Tai Chi practice, leads to wellbeing and sustainable good health.

    Tai Chi promotes:

    A lean, strong, flexible and balanced physique.

    It also leads to:

    • Greater concentration,
    • Increased energy
    • A relaxed mind
    • Posture correction
    • Core strengthening
    • Self-defence abilities
    • Confidence

    Tai Chi will transform your body from divided and weak, to unified and strong. Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and abilities. It is beneficial for general fitness as well as a wide range of medical conditions and sporting injuries. It is especially good for posture correction and core strengthening.

    Clients have the options of learning the following:

    • Short Form
    • Long Form
    • Pushing Hands drills
    • Self-defence and fighting applications.
    • Sword Form / Saber Form / Spear Form
    • Nei-Gong – internal strengthening

    Classes time: every Tuesday evening 19:30 - 21:00 and every Thursday evening 19:00 - 20:30


    Amir is a fully certified Wudang Tai Chi Chuan teacher. He has been practicing Tai Chi for the past 11 years and teaching it for the past 8 years. Amir is a UK gold medallist and an EU silver medallist in Tai Chi Pushing Hands. He has an in-depth understanding of Tai Chi and can teach beginners, intermediate and advanced students.




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  • Meditation Classes Golders Green

    Meditation Classes

    For many people today, life has become busier, faster and more stressful.

    Meditation is a way into being present, more consciously aware and relaxed. It is an organic and easy to learn system, which acts as a counter-weight to life's stress. It is an ancient art of self-awareness and light. Meditation is scientifically proven to be beneficial for reducing stress and relaxing the body and the mind.

    In this class we will learn Za-Zen seated meditation. We will explore the Zen approach to life and the ‘right perception’ or mind-set required for seated meditation.

    Meditation helps with understanding the ‘being’ part of the ‘Human-being’. It is probably the most direct way to experience yourself beyond thoughts and words.

    About the teacher

    Amir Greenstein has completed 2 Vipassana courses (11 day retreats) and has studied Zen Buddhism as part of Body-Psychotherapy and Tai Chi practice. He has 15 years of regular practice.


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  • Hatha Yoga with Ros Anderson. - Every Thursday morning 10.00-11.30 

    Ros is a wonderful teacher with over 40 years of experience and knowledge.  She creates a safe space to grow and develop your yoga practice and provides guidance and support.  She truly is a gifted teacher and whether you are a beginner or a more advanced practitioner her class is suitable for you.  In her class you will build strength and improve flexibility. Through healthy posture and precise alignment, make room to breathe and achieve balance and tranquility of mind and soul.

    The cost will be £15  for a drop-in, or £13.5 when you buy a 10 classes pass - to find out more about the prices, please click on the link at the bottom of this page. Please contact us to book yourself to the class - 07984 543 052 - info@feelingthehealin.co.uk


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  • Mindfulness & Meditation course

    What is mindfulness?

    There are different ways to explain Mindfulness.  One way would be to say: to become aware of your being, to look inside yourself and to choose balance in every moment.  Another way to say it, would be: to awaken to the true reality and to learn how to stay awake and connected.  A more modern way would say it, would be: to try and stop the chatter in the head.  To look inside for a moment, to notice and find out what is happening inside you right now.  To relax yourself in this present moment, breathe deeply and allow yourself to reboot and reset.

    The simplest way to say mindfulness would be: to let-go right now!  To fully let-go of whatever it is you’re occupying your mind with.  Then, just relax and be!!!  Whatever it may be, just find a true place inside you, where you’re being in the middle, being in the moment, just as it is, without tempering with it.  Just flow and be.

    Yet, all of these ways and there are more ways to say it still, simply don’t deliver the fullness of what mindfulness really is. They all fall short in capturing what it actually is, although they are all true in there on way.  So, mindfulness is an amazing journey full of self-discoveries and much needed relaxation for both the mind and the body. There isn’t a way to explain what it is, with words alone.  But, you can feel it from the beginning and enjoy the peacefulness of it without fully understanding what it is.  With time, you will be able to have your own explanation as to what Mindfulness is for you and how it practically helps you in your life.

    In this course we will learn about mindfulness as a whole.  We will learn about the background of mindfulness and related concepts, which assists a lot in fully understanding what mindfulness is.  As well as, practical tools of mindfulness such as: meditation, visualisation and affirmation.  We will also learn about the body connection of mindfulness.  How to ground our energy in the body and different breathing techniques. The idea behind the course is to empower you.  To give you practical tools to sale more smoothly through life and its challenges.  It’s an opportunity for you to invest in you.  To grow your understanding of what you can do to help yourself stay balance and happy.  It is also a wonderful way to increase your wellness and overall body mind balance, which enhances your sense of wellbeing. It help you raise your vibration into to good health and good luck.

    Practical mindfulness is a wonderful tool to have in your life. It will help you back into balance whenever you may need to reset yourself. You will rebalance instantly and with little effort.

    In our modern life there’s a growing need to rebalance and even relax ourselves, in order to pass successfully through the everyday challenges of life. We are stressed and we carry tension inside our body and mind. Most of us know it consciously and we may even feel it intuitively. Therefore, we are seeking a way out of that negative energy spin and into a practical and sustainable solution.  The paradigm of tension and stress in our lives, becomes clearer and clearer the more we spin in our own life drama. It may be around a physical illness or challenge, it may be around a mental narrative in the mind that we can’t switch off. It may also be around a fear we’ve been carrying inside ourselves and it has grown stronger and more limiting with time. We also intuitively feel that the solution needs to be from within ourselves, in order for it to be sustainable.  It feels as if life points a finger towards me, my heart – my mind – my body.  I need to find it from within me and learn how to balance my life from within outwards.  I need to become holistically accountable towards my existence, i.e. I need to become more responsible and balance, to get to know my body, my mind, my energy...

    We’ve all invested time and money in learning skills, which enable us to make a living, survive, evolve and even thrive in life. But most of those skills are external and in truth there is very little known about how we are on the inside. Mindfulness and meditation helps us to grow our awareness and increase the true knowledge we have about what is really happening inside us. It is a skill, just as any other skill you can learn. In fact there’s a 100% guarantee you’ll succeed. Because, you carry inside you an engine of awareness and intent (although, you may have not been told about it). Once the engine has ignited, which is the first thing you will learn, it begins to supply the body and mind with new energy that reshapes the body mind balance. Your abilities, confidence and energy level, all begin to grow and thus your potential as a person grows. This needs to be taught personally from teacher to student and it needs to be clear. The biggest hurdle for the human mind is balancing self-awareness and patience. The very nature of balance needs to be taught and explained in a practical manner. Not as a theory! For it is the key to sustainability and wellbeing. The process of mindfulness and meditation can be called Awakening, i.e. we wake up and find ourselves back in the infinite now, in the centre of our being. You can’t switch awakening on, it switches itself on, when conditions are balance and rippe. There needs to be a subtle physical action, ignited with intent – heart mind connection and initiated by the mind’s power of visualisation in the body. It’s an intuitive action for the mind and it’s inside the body, yet it’s constantly overlooked and the potential it has to heal and rebalance underestimated. It’s a simple process and yet, so difficult to get it right all by yourself. It’s a cosmic joke designed to pool us together to do this work together.

    We invite you to join us on our next Mindfulness and Meditation course with Amir Greenstein and begin your path of awakening!

    The course will be held at Feeling The Healing Studio – Golders Green London. Please contact us if you’re interested in joining or if you would like to find out more.

    Email: info@feelingthehealing.co.uk Tel: 07984 543052

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    About Spiraling Yoga:

    Spiraling Yoga is a unique system of exercise. It is a special Yoga set, designed to connect you to the internal aspect of the physical body. The aim is to heal the body and have it transform into a unified organism. Spiraling Yoga exercises are based on the activation and manipulations of the Myofascial meridians in the body. The Myofascial meridians are also known as connective-tissues, they exist throughout the whole body, covering it from head to toe. It is these meridians or pathways, which are the true governor of movement in the body. Thus, as we spend more time reawakening these pathways, we re-balance and realign the whole body. We also raise subtle awareness inside the body and learn to truly master being centered and balance.

    It is evident that we all begin life in a supple way, whereby movement simply is! Even before muscles have ripened and matured into full capacity. Movement in the body begins in those Myofascial pathways before anything else. Ideally as we grow older, we never lose touch with those pathways, just like animals do. But, the truth is that most people by their early teens, lose most of their Myofascial connections. For most people as they get older they get stiffer and more stress. It is the stiffness and stress that eventually kills us. The Myofascial meridians are scientifically proven to be 13 times stronger than muscles by themselves. Therefore learning to reignite these powerful connections in the body result in a complete transformation of the physical reality. Making the body a lot stronger and more energy efficient.

    Spiraling Yoga recognizes the important of correct body work and the usage of intent as part of the Yoga exercise. Spiraling Yoga is the very latest development of deep bodywork exercise. It is the fusion of Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Internal Power. Spiraling Yoga is based on the realigning of the body and mind. In Spiraling Yoga you will find 3 part: opening set, main set and closing set. Each set has three types of complementing exercises - Tai chi/Chi gong, followed by Yoga, followed by breathing exercise.  Spiraling Yoga is divided to three levels: Beginners – intermediate – advanced.

    At the beginning level, you will learn the basic shape of the exercises. At the intermediate level, you will learn how to connect the basic shape of the exercise, to the Myofascial meridians. You will begin to make more internal sense, of the external movement. We can say; It is the beginning of internal-coherency in the body. At the advance level, you will learn to fully activate all of the Myofascial meridians in your body. You will learn all about the centre-point (Dan-Tian) of the body and how to control and balance it in motion.

    Class times: Monday 13.00 - 14.00, Thursday 08.00 - 09.00, Sunday 15.00 - 16.15

    Cost: £15 for a drop-in, £13.5 when you buy 10 classes.


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  • Biorgonomy treatment at feeling the healing:

    We are delighted to invite you to enhance your life through the Biorgonomy treatment.

    When you're trying to create positive change, or balance in your life. Despite the ongoing effort, it sometime feels partial, incomplete and difficult. According to Biorgonomy, there is a good reason for that ‘barrier’.  For everything that is physical is also energetic, i.e. everything that is physical, has an energy field surrounding it. And it’s the energy field that hold the ‘keys’ for the desired shift and change. By fixing/balancing the energy field of the body, the path is paved for the physical change in reality/life. For every atom has an energy field surrounding it and everything that exist is mad out of atoms. ‘Together they stand’ (the atoms) waiting for the right influence - Intent and 'energy balancing' work.

    In Biorgonomy we clear the energetic disturbances, traumas and fears from the energy field. In doing so, we balance the energy field also known as – Aura. By balancing the energy field, we set the ‘wheel of healing’ in motion. The balanced energy field, enables the physical body to heal itself. We can’t force healing on anything or anyone. But, by clearing blockages in the energy field, it’s just a matter of time before the physical reality changes and re-balances itself.

    Often, physical problems tend to either linger around for a while, or reoccur again in a later future time. Why?

    According to Biorgonomy, the issue will stay in one form or another until the energetic cause is removed.

    We invite you to receive a Biorgonomy treatment that will enhance your life, through the re-balancing of your energy body.  Bringing the potential of a long lasting healing, happiness and fulfillment to your life.


    First treatment - £80 / special offer - £56

    Follow-up sessions - £40 / special offer - £28

    Special promotional offer of 30% discount until the end of 2014.


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  • Holistic Personal Training For The Office Team.

    We invite you to try out our new “office-team” Holistic Exercise Programme.
    The programme is designed to:  release work related stress and tension from body and mind; tone muscles; improve fitness and burn calories. It also offers the opportunity to learn to understand correct body movement and thus improve posture and core stability.
    The personalized fitness programme is a combination of Tai Chi and yoga together with Kickboxing, circuit training and core stability training. At the end of each session, we will also include a 5-10 minute meditation, to balance the body and calm the mind.
    As a working team of colleagues, you can expect to become fitter and more connected to your bodies, which will result in a happier, calmer and more productive work force. You will have a chance to release the stress of the week and work on posture, strength, stability and alignment. It is also scientifically proven that regular mindful exercise increases vitality and creativity, whilst strengthening the immune system.Feeling The Healing is a beautiful high-end fitness studio, catering specifically to small groups, thus ensuring a high level of teaching and support during training. We welcome men and women of all ages and abilities and endeavor to ensure you feel supported and comfortable.
    We offer training for classes of 4-6 people, once or twice a week.
    We are currently running a special promotional 30% discounted rate:

    60 minutes class – price per person £25.00 – discount 30% £17.50
    75 minutes class – price per person £30.00 – discount 30% £21.00
    90 minutes class – price per person £35.00 – discount 30% £24.50

    The idea is to give the staff tools to bring more balance, fitness and mindfulness into their lives, i.e. their body, mind and daily rutting. In doing so, they will become stronger and more focused, as well as become less likely to go on a “sickie”, or spiral downhill emotionally. It is a person’s well-being that allows them to reach their highest potential. The programme is designed to exercise the body correctly and focus the mind through intent. These sessions will help the balance between the body and mind, the heart and the head, left and right, me and another…

    At ‘feeling the healing – fitness for life’ we believe that a fitter and more balanced employee, is a better functioning and more reliable employee. Thus, by investing in your workers well-being, you are also investing in the productivity and reliability of your workforce. We hope that you would see it as a win-win situation that helps to increase the general value of the workplace (alongside bonuses and good salaries). It is also a tool that helps with bonding among staff and brakes the rutting a little.

    Please feel free to call or email me regarding any questions you might have,

    Classes can be held during lunch break, before or after work. For more information and for any questions, or if you wish to book your staff in for a free trail session. please feel free to contact us by phone or email - 07984 543 052 - info@feelingthehealing.co.uk

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  • feeling_the_healing-93

    In today's world we can find ourselves in a situation where we might need to protect ourselves from something or someone. Self-defence is the best way to learn how to protect and build up confidence in yourself. The class is suitable for all ages and abilities. Amir the teacher, is a very skilful martial artist with many years experience in practicing a variety of martial arts.

    We invite you to learn how to protect yourself against potential attacks from one or more opponents.The self-defence techniques are taken from the martial applications of Tai Chi and Street Fighting.


    • Improve your confidence
    • Stay safe and in control
    • Protect yourself from a variety of punches, kicks and potential attacks
    • Understand how to use your opponents force against them
    • Learn how to break free from different locks and grabs
    • Learn how to bring your opponent to the ground as quickly as possible


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  • Holistic Boot Camp North LondonHolistic Boot Camp NW11

    This great intensive workout is designed to push you a little further than your regular weekly training and the small class size ensures that you get the personal help and support that you need.

    Boot camp provides a holistic workout, which offers a correct and sustainable way to increase the body's stamina, whilst maintaining balanced mind and awareness. The workout focuses on core strength and stability, as well as teaching correct body-mechanics, correct posture and alignment, all of which increase the bodies energy and efficiency.

    The 3 hour workout includes:

    45 minutes - Warm up, Tai Chi exercises and form

    60 minutes - Circuit Training - (TRX, kickboxing & punch bag workout, kettle-bell and free-weight exercises, cross-body, core and abdominal exercises)

    50 minutes - Yoga

    20 minutes - Meditation

    A nutritious plate of salad, full of all the good stuff

    Leave boot camp with a body that feels, lengthened, stretched, invigorated and strong and a mind that is relaxed, aware and calm.

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In today’s fast changing world, life has so much to offer and it is up to you to grasp it. The more you want from life, the more balance you need to sustain it. To move, to connect, to grow, to be happy…